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BUS 344 interview paper - Leaders of North Bay Description...

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Leaders of North Bay Description of Leader # 1 Write short paragraph that includes the answers to questions 1 to 5 and the 3 questions on the mini-questionnaire. Leader #1’s current job title is Manager of Alumni Relations. She is responsible for coordinating reunions for the people who have graduated from their program as well as offering any assistance to those interested in her organization. There are five employees who report to her. This is her seventh year in this position at her organization. She has done some managerial work for several years before joining her current company. She was actually retired before she began working here. There are about 50 employees in the organization locally and around 250 employees nationally and 750 employees globally. She has been with the organization for eleven years. Her previous job was working at a for-profit organization. She retired for several years before she became very interested in working at this non-profit organization. This organization began in 1963, so this is its 47 th year in business. At her company they have: an employee manual, performance appraisal/management system, documented discipline process, sexual harassment policy, ethics policy, environmental policy, social responsibly policy, and also provides health insurance. Write paragraph that includes answers to questions 6 – 10 The mission at her organization is to offer an education to people for leadership, service, and success in shaping our world. They provide profoundly transformative study-abroad experiences that focus on global exchange and awareness. They will continue to make a positive world impact by developing leaders who have the knowledge and perspective necessary to promote greater understanding of all peoples and all cultures. Their core values include: integrity, health and safety, academic excellence, intercultural exchange and global understanding, diversity, and teamwork. The largest challenge facing their organization today is raising sufficient funds for those students who are in need of financial aid. The largest challenge for their organization in the next 5 years will be working with more universities to make sure that students will be able to transfer their credits from this program to their school. The biggest opportunity for their organization is to give individuals the chance to explore the world, broaden their perspectives, and experience different cultures while receiving an excellent education. In the next five years, the amount of jobs that her company will create will heavy depend on whether they will expand their program by adding more classes or voyages. Therefore the amount of jobs that they create will be anywhere between 20-100 jobs. Leadership Perspectives of Leader # 1
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BUS 344 interview paper - Leaders of North Bay Description...

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