Warren Buffett BUS 470

Warren Buffett BUS 470 - Warren Buffetts Secrets of...

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Warren Buffett’s Secrets of Investing Warren Buffet is the greatest investor of modern times. His investment theories have been studied by many and his opinions have greatly influenced the stock market. Many people have wondered how he gained success and how he chooses which companies to invest in. Through this case, we get a little insight into his thinking process into what steps he takes before making an investment. Some of the approaches that he takes before investing are whether the company is undervalued, focuses on the business aspect rather than the accounting side, and emphasizes the importance of the intrinsic value rather than the book value. Buffett is very unique because he stays away from conventional thinking, and relies on knowledge and certainty to eliminate risk. Through Berkshire Hathaway’s bid for PacificCorp, we get a better understanding of the necessary steps they take when considering investing in a company. The stock price for Berkshire Hathaway and Scottish Power increased on the day of the acquisition announcement because once it was made public, the demand for these companies also increased. Investors became aware that Scottish Power had just received billions of dollars
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Warren Buffett BUS 470 - Warren Buffetts Secrets of...

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