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US gov should cut spending

US gov should cut spending - unemployment There are many...

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BUS 177 9/12/11 Things that the United States’ Government should Cut Spending Every year, the United States government spends vast amounts of money on unnecessary ventures or issues. One main area where the United States should cut spending is on foreign aid. There are too many domestic problems going on right now that giving foreign aid to countries that do not help us seems wrong. Another topic that needs to be reviewed when making spending buts is on
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Unformatted text preview: unemployment. There are many citizens who have not been working for a long while because the government continues to give them money. There are people who just lost their jobs and are in dire need of financial help. However, there are those who have been unemployed for years, mainly because there is no incentive in finding a job if the government continues to give them money....
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