Germany Project Paper 1

Germany Project Paper 1 - Germany Table of Contents...

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Unformatted text preview: Germany Table of Contents Introduction....Page 3 History of Germany....Page 4 Economic Policy.Page 7 Current Business Cycle.......Page 10 Balance of Payment and Current Accounts....Page 12 Education and CulturePage 14 Government....Page 19 Political System......Page 18 Inflation .....Page 22 Central Bank Policy....Page 23 Purchasing Power Parity.Page 24 Trade Policy....Page 25 Imports and Exports....Page 26 Foreign Policy and European Union...Page 33 Protected industries.....Page 33 Green Technology...Page 33 Natural Resources.......Page 34 European Union Policy...Page 34 Conclusion..Page 36 Work Cited......Page 37 Introduction Germany has the fourth largest economy in the world and the largest in Europe. They are second in population after Russia, and a vital member of the European Union. Germanys key industries include manufacturing and related services. They are also one of the most technologically advanced in producing steel, cement, chemicals, machinery, vehicles, electronics, and shipbuilding. After the Cold War, two German states were formed in 1949: the Western Federal Republic of Germany and the Eastern German Democratic Republic. The Western Federal Republic concentrated in key Western economic and security organizations. The Eastern German Democratic Republic was in charge of the military operations. This country has developed successfully after both world wars. West Germany has become one of the most expensive standards of living in the world. The focus of this paper will examine their education system, government, foreign policy, EU policy and natural resources of Germany. These components have contributed as being one of leading countries in manufacturing, the recession of 2008-09, consumer economy, and foreign relations....
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Germany Project Paper 1 - Germany Table of Contents...

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