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media analysis eng 200 - Eng 200 12/4/08 California's...

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Eng 200 12/4/08 California's Struggles for Equality and Money This is a historic era in California's history where the fight for human equality is at its peak while the economy is nearing its all-time low. Many people who supported the Proposition 8 may have thought that the issue for same-sex marriage ended on election day. However, the fight for equality for gay people remains stronger than ever. To add to Californians' problems, the current declining economy has impacted their state in numerous ways, but strikes deeper in their schools. A struggling economy means more sacrifices and set backs for the California citizens. With the nation's economy in a recession, there is a definite pessimistic outlook for the future of California's education systems. However, the people who opposed Proposition 8 carry a more optimistic view for California's future. Proposition 8 has been a very controversial issue that still has not been forgotten. After Election Day, and the proposition passed into California's constitution, the people who opposed it did not remain silent or put their heads down. Instead, they held more rallies and public protests expressing their opinions that gays should have equal privileges to marriage. Proposition 8 has come up quite frequently in the media with each story having obvious bias. In one article, “S.F.
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media analysis eng 200 - Eng 200 12/4/08 California's...

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