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bus316 final exam

bus316 final exam - BUS316Production Operations Management...

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BUS316—Production & Operations Management Exam 3 (Final Exam) Study Guide 30 multiple choice questions Chapter 12 and 16 only (approx. 15 questions from each chapter) Suggestion: start with my slides, and read the textbook according to the slides All formulas will be provided Ch12: Logistics Logistics : Planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods and materials between the point of origin and the point of consumption. Logistic activities Why it’s important: deregulation, globalization, technological breakthroughs, environmental concerns, and performance impact. Different transportation modes and advantages/disadvantages of each 1) Highway (truck) -strengths: flexible to pick up, can deliver right to customer, available 24/7 -weaknesses: not the fastest, not the cheapest 2) Water -strengths: cost effective for bulky items, effective when linked to multimodal system, works best for weight-to-value items -weaknesses: limited locations, poor reliability/speed, limited operating hours at docks 3) Air Mode -strengths: quickest delivery for long distance, very flexible when linked to highway mode, works best for weight-to-value items -weaknesses: often most expensive particularly on a per pound basis.
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