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WGS 375 Romesburg 12/2/09 Paper #7 (Seeking Liberation through Bridging Contemporary and Traditional Culture) Native American women and gender diverse peoples sought liberation through bridging contemporary and traditional culture. During the late 20 th century, many Native American women and gender diverse people united and gained the fortitude to overcome the many adversities that they faced by Western influence and society. In Andrea Smith's article, “Rape and the War against Native Women,” she addresses the violence issues brought on by colonizers that Native American women still face to this day.
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Unformatted text preview: In Will Roscoe's article, Two-Spirit People: Gay American Indians Today, he gives optimistic views to the future of gay American Indians as they unite and find strength by openly expressing their anger of the Western influences and their love for their culture and People. In Smith's article, she discusses how many Native American women have been violated physically and mentally since the Western colonizers took over their land. Smith shows the continual progress that these women have made starting by being open about these issues and to no longer remain silent about their abuse....
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