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hist essay 2 - History 202 Randell Dodgen 5/21/08 Question...

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History 202 Randell Dodgen 5/21/08 Question #2 King Leopold's Deceit and Manipulation King Leopold was a master of manipulation and could convince many powerful leaders that his work in Congo was for the better good of the world. He was seen as a philanthropist and a humanitarian and said that he cared about the African people. Ironically, he was the complete opposite. Congo, the land Leopold was so obsessed with, was full of blood shed and the landmark of immense slave trade. Many knew of the inhumane actions that took place but only a few would actually have the courage to mention it. Men like George Washington Williams, E.D. Morel, and Roger Casement all faced problems in attempts to unveil the reality of the Congo. Leopold was quite successful in fending off critics for a long time. His background as a the King of Belgium and his close relations with Henry Shelton Sanford and Henry Morton Stanley helped convince other countries that his works in Congo were good. While Sanford obtained the United States' interest in Congo, Stanley spread good word throughout Europe. Stanley was respected by many for his brave expeditions and for his stories. Since he supported Leopold, other nations began to accept Leopold's ideas in the Congo. Leopold was a very cunning and deceiving man. He convinced Sanford that there would be free trade in Congo and to share the news with the United States. That way, the US would support Leopold's work (82). However, he later put taxes on trading items (83). Leopold also used Stanley to develop a town for him later known as Leopoldville (67). Stanley acquired much of the land through trickery by making village chiefs sign complicated contracts that forked over the land (68).
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Stanley thought Leopold admired him because of the impressive work he had done. However, the only ambition in Leopold's mind was to gain profit through trade (94). In the beginning stages of development in the Congo, Leopold kept his actions in Congo
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hist essay 2 - History 202 Randell Dodgen 5/21/08 Question...

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