Tastes of Paradise

Tastes of Paradise - History 202 3/19/08 2. Discuss the...

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History 202 3/19/08 2. Discuss the religious attitudes, medical beliefs, and the economic and social factors that encourage and shaped the consumption of coffee (and later tea) beginning in the 17 th century. How did this contrast with the beverages consumed by Europeans before the introduction of coffee (and tea)? In what ways did chocolate represent very different values and attitudes? What changed in the consumption of coffee and chocolate in the “modern” period? Changes That Came with the New Beverages In the 17 th century, coffee consumption increased within the culture of the Europeans through religious attitudes, medical beliefs, and economic and social factors. In William Schivelbusch's novel Tastes of Paradise , he shows how culture has changed due to these new beverages that were introduced to Europe. During this period, coffee, known as the new hot beverage, replaced alcoholic beverages, especially beer. If coffee was on the stockmarket, its value would have shot up in the 17 th and 18 th century due to its efficiency and effectiveness. A new attitude emerged during the Reformation, when Martin Luther lead the idea of redefining the relationship between the individual and God. Before the 17 th century, beer was widely consumed in Europe whether it was in taverns or in households. The Puritans were strongly against alcoholism and labeled it as “Demon Alcohol” as a dysphemism of the negative effects of alcohol. There were many attempts in regulating alcohol consumption. Simple protesting was not enough to change drinking habits. The Protestants saw coffee as the new beverage that could be substituted for beer. They especially favored coffee for the reasons that it was recognized as the beverage of sobriety and could supposedly curb sexual urges. There were numerous positive medical beliefs that came along with coffee consumption,
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Tastes of Paradise - History 202 3/19/08 2. Discuss the...

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