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Crossing the Mangrove

Crossing the Mangrove - French 314 Toczyski Truth In Maryse...

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French 314 Toczyski 4/6/09 Truth In Maryse Conde's novel Crossing the Mangrove , the truth about Francis Sancher's identity is skewed and complicated. Through many different characters' perspectives, Conde allows her readers to decide the “truth” behind Francis Sancher and how his life and death portray her view of Caribbean culture. As the story progresses, the reader gets more of an insight into the personalities of the vast number of characters. As the reader learns more about each character, he learns more about the Caribbean culture. Francis Sacher's “true” identity becomes revealed through the characters' relationships with him. The truth is what the body can physically process with reasoning through our eyes see and what our hearts feel. We cannot based truth simply by appearance of what we hear. The truth is a very powerful concept, and is even said that it possesses the power to “set you free.” Conde explains through her characters that the truth has the power to change either in oneself or in a society as a whole. Without knowing or seeking the truth, we remain at a standstill with no way to progress. Those who seek the truth may find happiness and satisfaction, but those who don't will find frustration and misunderstanding.
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