Case study 10-1 - Case 10-1: Cottrill Inc. Name: Xinhong...

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Case 10-1: Cottrill Inc. Name: Xinhong He, Lisi Xu, Ailun Zhang, Qifeng Xu, Shangjie Shen Group: 11 Date: 11/1/2011 Situation: Judy Stevens is the purchasing supervisor at the Cottrill Inc. plant In Columbus, Ohio. O Review a proposal from Saxton Wireless O Make a decision criteria Dissatisfied with Cottrill’s paging service from its current supplier Tallant O Tallant did not provide Cottrill with a designated service representative O Call a 1-800 number when problem occurred and wait on hold until the call was taken by the customer service representative O The process could become an issue if Cottrill was placed on hold during the emergency O Judy felt that she spent too much time on the phone and it took Tallant over a month to replace the pager Current situation O The purchasing department had a large degree of autonomy on decision making O Downtime at Columbus plant was extremely costly and was estimated at $200,000 per hour O Management implemented an automated software program and an electronic paper system 12 years ago. O The software program, called ProductionMessaging, monitored Cottrill’s equipment O Pagers were grouped by process so that only the appropriate technicians and supervisors were notified in the event of a malfunction O The plant had a total of 20 pagers O Usually one warning was experienced per week O Judy Consider to switch service provider to Saxton O The current contract with Tallant was open-ended and required 30 days’ notice if
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Case study 10-1 - Case 10-1: Cottrill Inc. Name: Xinhong...

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