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Marketing Journal by Kai Chen - Kai Chen Principle of...

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Kai Chen Principle of Marketing Journal 1 09/04/2010 In the beginning we decided to create a special chocolate candy bar. It needs to have a special sell point. First we figured out that most of chocolate are quadrate, so we decided to make it circle. Then we were thinking to give it a name, the first name that came out was “Chocolate Donut”, a donut shape chocolate. However, after two minutes, one of our members gave out an excellent idea: to make it like a quarter. We were all exciting about this idea and we decided to name it “Mr. Quarter”. Name, flavor, shape were decided very smoothly, we had finished it in five minutes, but the production place became a big question to us, neither of us were from U.S and no one know which part is rich in product chocolate bean. Then we just chose a place randomly. When we had finished all the features, the last thing is to design a packing, we thought to make “MR. Quarter” cartoonlike, it can more easier to close to our target market—children. We referenced the mascot of 1998 France FIFA World Cup and then “Mr. Quarter” Milk Chocolate comes out. Journal 2 09/22/2010 After discuss, Selina, Sararh, and I decided to set the topic of “ethic in advertisement”. We want to discuss about the ethical behaviors in advertisement area. Because we can see all kinds of ads every day and everywhere, and they are affecting our view all the time. Therefore the bad ethical advertisement might bring bad influences to the society. There are four general problem of ethic in advertisement. They are racism, moral, societal values and attitudes, and societal responsibility to general public. We found four examples for each problem, two of them are the billboard on the street, other
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Marketing Journal by Kai Chen - Kai Chen Principle of...

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