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Review of Ten Thousand Village Sale - different theme, such...

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Kai Chen 11/15/2010 Principle of Marketing Review of Ten Thousand Village Sale Last week, I had taken a part in the 1,000 Village Sale marketing team. I used to do it in last year, so in this year I have more experience to work on the sale. This year we made a little change of the display table put, we try to make it easy to see everything and guide customers to observe the great-sell item. We also separate the display table into
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Unformatted text preview: different theme, such as basket table and charismas table. This year we add a new toys table, because we found that there are a lot of customers want to buy a gift for their kids, the result showed that this table was becoming the top-sell table. After five days sale, we sell over $2,000, only Monday we already sell $907.50, and we raised 10% of money for GSO. In general, it was a very successful sale!...
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