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Tentative Schedule for International Education Week November 8 th – 12 th Monday, November 8 th Chinese Day in the Dining Hall Barnga: A Simulation Game on Cross Cultural Clashes in the Frankenberger Art Gallery from 6pm – 8pm Ten Thousand Villages Sale in the Erma Byrd Gallery (11am – 1pm and 4pm – 6pm) Tuesday, November 9 th Vietnamese Day in the Dining Hall International Movie Night in the Ballroom from 7pm – 10pm (2 of the following will be shown) 1. Say My Name – “In a hip hop and R’n’B world dominated by men…female lyricists… speak candidly about class, race, and gender in pursuing their passions as female MCs. This worldwide documentary takes viewers on a vibrant tour of urban cultures and musical movement…” – Women Make Movies, 2010 New Releases 2. Mrs. Goundo’s Daughter – “Mrs. Goundo is fighting to remain in the United States. But it’s not just because of the ethnic conflict and drought that has plagued her native
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