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Essay 2 Rewrite - Name: Kai Chen Course Name: Issue in...

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Name: Kai Chen Course Name: Issue in Biology Date: 04/20/10 Professor: Jay Wildt Assignment: Essay 2 Nuclear Waste Storage In 1957, Lake Kyzyltash near the city Chelyabinsk used to be a beautiful place, full of wild animals. However, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union, in order to cut costs, dumped high-level radiation waste materials into the river near Lake Kyzyltash and caused a serious ecological disaster. The nuclear pollution made the lake dead water. Environmentalists from Russia said that the lake could not recover for at least ten thousand to a hundred thousand years (Yih, 2000). This store shows the destructive consequences of the unsuitable storing of nuclear waste material. Only ten milligrams of an element from high-level radiation waste can kill a human, and it can also destroy the environment for thousands of years. Nuclear waste is the useless material left after the process of nuclear fuel production (Kaku and Trainer, 1983). This paper will discuss about the problems of storing nuclear waste and the solutions to it. The first problem of storing nuclear waste is radioactivity; it can give off harmful radiation and cannot be eliminated by normal physics methods. Only chemistry or biology can be used to treat dangerous hazards from waste materials’ harmful radiation, such as treating burned skin. After many years study, scientists now can store nuclear
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Essay 2 Rewrite - Name: Kai Chen Course Name: Issue in...

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