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Essay 3 - 102 - NSCI 105 Issues in Biology Fall 2010...

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NSCI 105 – Issues in Biology Fall 2010 Essay #2 for COM 102: Movie Critique of And the Band Played On and a contrast and comparison of the prevalence of HIV and AIDS globally Minimum length: 750 words, double-spaced, Times New Roman Font #12. Include total word count on last page (before Works Cited) Date Assigned: November 16 First Draft Due: November 18 Final Copy Due and submitted to TII : November 30 Required Elements 1) Briefly critique the film . Talk about it in writing, and give your opinion of the film’s credibility and entertainment value. Remember, we all saw the film so the summary should be a paragraph. 2) As part of your review, choose several countries and compare and contrast their view of HIV and AIDS . Include a discussion of the impact of views that may increase or decrease the prevalence of this disease. In other words, describe several things countries do to contribute to the decline or increase in the numbers affected by HIV and AIDS. Include references to the film where it is appropriate.
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