Essay 3 And the Band Played On

Essay 3 And the Band Played On - Name: Kai Chen Course...

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Name: Kai Chen Course Name: Issue in Biology Date: 11/17/10 Professor: Jay Wildt Assignment: Essay 3 And the Band Played On If we talk this movie from the entertainment value, this reflected the history of AIDS and use from the practical viewpoint to shoot’s movie is kind of boring. There is no so many superstars starring, and Richard Gere is just a supporting player. The movie is not bareness or horrifying like “Les Nuits Fauves”, and also not memorable as “Philadelphia”. Insipid, endless, and just like the faded page of history book, maybe you will leave before it ends if you don’t have enough patience. But I think this movie is still the one of the best AIDS movie, because it objective and real, this is the exactly attitude we need to face to the AIDS. The movie was starting in a raining village in Africa, the village was spreading a plague. Maybe just because the shock from the village which has been shrouded by death, or the miserable situation of dead people, or the despairing sight of the dying people, the Dr. Don Francis was standing in front of the cadavers start to think about the life, this thinking has run through his whole life, with the movie goes by, he constantly remember the death scene in that village. It lets us to understand that the death can know the meaning of life better. In 1980, there were two male homosexual had been found that dead in the immune system crash triggered complications and tumor medicine in New York City and Los Angles. In that time, no one has realized that the cause of those two
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Essay 3 And the Band Played On - Name: Kai Chen Course...

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