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Name: Kai Chen Course Name: Issue in Biology Date: 02/12/10 Professor: Jay Wildt Assignment: Essay 1 Donohue Syndrome Donohue Syndrome is a very rare disease in the world, and it is a kind of hereditary disease. The pathogenesis of Donohue Syndrome is caused by disordered embryonic development. This is a kind of insulin receptor function deletion relative disease. This disease was first reported by Doctor. W’L Donohue in 1948, so it is also called Donohue Syndrome (Bruno and Bernard, 2006). Donohue Syndrome or leprechaunism includes delayed pre- and postnatal growth, decreased subcutaneous tissue, hirsutism, nail hypoplasia, and genital hypertrophy. It is caused by the homozygous deletion of the insulin receptor gene, and certain symptoms resemble that of severe diabetes mellitus. (Wilson and Cooley, 2006) The main characteristics of Donohue Syndrome are obvious hyperinsulinemia. It is about 100 times insulin resistant than normal plural. The other feature of Donohue Syndrome is the carbohydrate tolerance is normal, but in sometimes have fasting hypoglycemia, and most patients have abnormalities, such as intrauterine growth stagnation. Some of fetus stop growth after the seventh month, and die after four monthes from birth only an extremely few patients live for more than ten years. The faces of Donohue Syndrome patients are usually smaller than normal, looking like an elf in a North Island myth. That is why the Donohue Syndrome was also called Leprechaunism.
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Essay_1_Donohue_Syndrome[1] - Name: Kai Chen Course Name:...

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