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Name: Kai Chen Course Name: Issue in Biology Date: 12/03/10 Professor: Jay Wildt Assignment: Essay 2 Nuclear Waste Storage Nuclear waste material is the useless waste material left after screening from the nuclear reactor and the process of nuclear fuel production and machining (Michio and Jennifer, 1983). There are three characteristics of nuclear waste material. The first one is radioactivity, it can radiate harmful radiation and cannot use normal physics, chemistry or biology methods for elimination. The second characteristic of nuclear waste material is radiation hazards. This means when the harmful radiation from nuclear waste materials touch stuff that can make some dangerous hazards, such as burning people’s skin. The third characteristic is generating heat. After a series of reactions, the nuclear waste material will generate a lot of heat from the inside and makes pollution (Wang, 2009). Therefore, because of those dangerous characteristics, how to handle and store nuclear waste materials safety and permanently is a serious problem for every country. Scientists from many countries used to think about ways to store nuclear waste materials and the nuclear waste is to store is according to three types of specific activity nuclear waste materials, which are high-level wastes, mid-level wastes and low-level
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Essay_2_Nuclear_Waste_Storage[2] - Name Kai Chen Course...

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