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TENTATIVE SCHEDULE - NSCI 105 - FALL 2010 DATE Tuesday Thursday August 26 Syllabus, Schedule, Seating, Academic Integrity, Lab Safety; Writing Sample Assigned 31 September 2 What is Science? What is Biology? What is a Hypothesis? Learning demonstrations Syllabus and Schedule to class * An introduction to UC’s library resources Turnitin.com Building your eportfolios (LLO evidence) C 7, 9 The scoring of lab reports; the Primary Trait Analysis; APA citation style. Appropriate Use of Sources: Avoiding plagiarism The Scientific Method: Testing a Simple Hypothesis Lab #1: Data Acquisition 14, 16 The Discovery of Life: Science and DNA Lab 1 First Draft Due* Genetics Film on Inherited Disease: How much should we know about ourselves? Essay 1 Assigned Lab 1 Due* 21, 23 Pre-Lab Discussion: River health: A comparison of watersheds. Essay 1 First Draft Due Water Sampling on MERL 28, 30 The Most Probable Number Test: Analysis of River Samples Essay 1 Due Environmental Discussion Erin Brockovich October 5, 7 Erin Brockovich Essay 2 Assigned
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