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K1-3 Structural Knowledge-exerc - Germ 433 A. OBrien...

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Germ 433 – A. O’Brien Kapitelgruppe 1-3 Structural Knowledge – Word Categories –Notes – Übung (pp. 36) Structural Knowledge If you read a word in a German sentence, you can look at it in three different ways: you can try to understand its equivalent meaning in English, identify its word category and analyse its grammatical function in the sentence. All these aspects together will help you to understand texts. If you have studied another foreign language you will have come across a number of different categories, which are listed in the chart below. noun article adjective verb pronoun preposition adverb conjunction Grammatical function of words Each word plays a specific role in a sentence – it can describe the actor, the action or the object of the action. This is called the grammatical function of a word. Der Tutor korrigiert die Antworten . - The tutor corrects the answers. Q: Who? — A: Tutor! Q: What? — A: Antworten! In this sentence, it can't be the other way round: The questions can't correct the tutor! Sentences can be somewhat more complex and at times somewhat ambiguous. Der Tutor korrigiert die Studenten . What can you say about the „actor“ and „the action“? - The tutor corrects the students and not the other way around. As an English speaker you immediately guessed that the tutor is correcting the students because the subject in English is almost always on the first position. In German, however, that’s not the case. The sentence could also read: Die Studenten korrigiert der Tutor ! And it still would mean: The tutor corrects the students. Q: Whom? - A: Studenten ! - –something to remember about German syntax. The word order of German sentences is more flexible.Therefore, it is important to acquire the necessary German grammar knowledge, in order to analyze the grammatical function and determine the relationship of nouns and other words in
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K1-3 Structural Knowledge-exerc - Germ 433 A. OBrien...

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