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Germ 433 – A. O’Brien Kapitelgruppe 1-4 (pp. 49) Frequent Prefixes and Suffixes – For Reference In chapter 4 of Kapitelgruppe 4 you are introduced to prefixes and suffixes, which are useful in deducing the meaning of words. Use the chart as reference and review the meaning and function of prefixes and suffixes throughout the course. Frequent Prefixes Un- das Unglück (misfortune), das Unrecht (injustice) express negation, mis-, in- An- die Anomalie das Anorganische express negation, an-, ab- Gegen- die Gegenbewegung (countermovement) der Gegenentwurf (alternative plan) counter-, anti-, opposite, (in) return, alternative Grund- das Grundgesetz (the fundamental law) das Grundlinie (the base-line) basic, fundamental Haupt- die Hauptperson (central figure) der Hauptgrund (main reason) main, chief, principal, primary, central Rück- der Rückweg (way back, return) der Rückschlag (setback) back, rear, re- Sonder- der Sonderfall (special case, exception) der Sonderbericht (special report) special, separate Zwischen- Zwischenbericht (interim report) Zwischenraum (interspace) intermediate, interim, inter-
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K1-4Prefixes-Suffixes-ref - Germ 433 A. OBrien...

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