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K1-5verb-subj -exerc

K1-5verb-subj -exerc - Germ 433 A OBrien Kapitelgruppe...

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Germ 433 – A. O’Brien Kapitelgruppe 1-5 (pp. 59) Berlin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqDCN7cI-ZE Berlin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfsqLudG57g (15 min) Berlin: Fall of the wall (2 min) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbbLKfVA8eQ&feature=related Text K1-5 Berlin Daten und Fakten (p. 61-62) annotated below Verbs – Notes - Übung The “base form” of every verb is called the infinitive . This is the “to-form” in English: to give, to study, to offer, to govern. In German, infinitives end in -en (or sometimes –n ): to go – geh en to study – studier en to govern – regier en to have - hab en This form is important to know, because it is the one you will find, when you look up a verb in a dictionary. Pronomen/Person geh en endings only SINGULAR ich -I geh e -e du - you geh st -st er/sie/es (man) geh t -t PLURAL wir - we geh en -(e)n ihr - you geh t -t sie - they geh en -(e)n There are some verbs that do not follow the standard patterns in that they have a stem vowel change in the 2 nd & 3 rd person singular form. Personal Pronoun g e b en – to give l e s en – to read f a hr en – to drive n e hm en – to take ich - I gebe lese fahre nehme du - you g i bst liest f ä hrst n im mst er/sie/es - he/she/it g i bt l ie st f ä hrt n im mt wir- we 1
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ihr - you sie - they geben lesen fahren nehmen Personal Pronoun sein – to be haben - to have werden ich - I bin habe werde du - you bist hast w i rst er/sie/es - he/she/it ist hat w i rd wir- we sind haben werden ihr - you seid habt werdet sie - they sind haben werden Ünung: Iidentify and mark all subjects with their verb in the text below and give the infinitive form of the verb. Give also the English equivalent of the verbs. See whether you can complete the task without using a dictionary.
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K1-5verb-subj -exerc - Germ 433 A OBrien Kapitelgruppe...

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