K3-1 prepositions-exerc

K3-1 prepositions-exerc - Germ 433 A OBrien Kapitelgruppe...

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Germ 433 – A. O’Brien Kapitelgruppe 3-1 (pp.123) Prepositions: Notes – Summary – Übung Youtube links to: (5 min) The Institutions of the European Union Impression of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZ9lhoo8fZo Youtube: Part 1 European Union Power (a video from EUoffical + info ) (6 min) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYYF2Lle7fs TEXT K3-1 Europa entdeckendurch Europas Rekorde (p. 124) annotated below 1
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Source: http://www.edinphoto.org.uk/1_MAP/1_map_europe_2001_enlarged.htm#map Interactive map of Europe: http://www.yourchildlearns.com/europe_map.htm Prepositions: Notes – Summary – Übung What are prepositions and their function? The basic function of prepositions is to show the relationship between two nouns (or pronouns). Prepositions, like verbs, are associated with nouns (we call the noun the object of a preposition). For this reason, we will divide them into various groups, depending on the types of nouns that they are associated with. It is important to keep in mind that the meanings presented here are the most common ones . Prepositions are used in a wide range of contexts. Awareness of the different type of prepositions and the case they are associated with will help you in your reading comprehension process. Here is an overview over the prepositions/case, which are addressed in this chapter. Accusative Preposition Dative Preposition Genitive Preposition Prepositions Accusative/dative Contractions für for nach* to (spatial); after (time); according to (opinions) wegen because of in in/into; to(spatial and expression of time) in + dem = im durch through zu to trotz in spite of an to (up to); by/at (close to) zu + dem = zum gegen/wider against bei by; at(spatial or time) (an)statt instead of
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K3-1 prepositions-exerc - Germ 433 A OBrien Kapitelgruppe...

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