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Germ 433 – A. O’Brien Kapitelgruppe 4 – 2 (pp. 202) Dependent ClauseII – Notes – Übung TEXT: Robinson Crusoe. Daniel Defoe, (p. 203) annotated below Daniel Defoe: http://www.enotes.com/authors/daniel-defoe Robinson Crusoe: http://fiction.eserver.org/novels/crusoe.html Dependent ClauseII – Notes – Übung Dependent clauses were introduced in chapter 1 of Kapitelfruppe 4. Remember that commas separate a dependent clause from the rest of the sentence, and remember to look for the verb in the final position when a clause is introduced by one of these conjunctions ob if, whether (indirect general question) obwohl although weil because nachdem after während while da since als as wenn whenever, conditional if so dass so that dass that damit in order to Another aspect to be aware of is when the dependent clause is the first element in a sentence as in the examples below: Als seine Eltern nach York kamen , war Robinson noch nicht auf der Welt. When his parents came to New York, Robinsson wasn’t born yet. Nachdem Crusoe 28 Jahre einsam auf einer Insel gelebt hatte, kehrte er wieder nach Hause zurück. After Crusoe had lived lonely for 28 years on an island, he returned home again. 1
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Obwohl die Kinder alleine im Wald waren, fürchteten sie sich nicht. Although the children were alone in the forest, they were not afraid.
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K4-2%20Dependent%20Clause%20II-exerc-1 - Germ 433 A. OBrien...

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