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K4-5%20Subjunctive%20II-1 - Germ 433 A OBrien Kapitelgruppe...

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Germ 433 – A. O’Brien Kapitelgruppe 4 – 5 (pp. 237) Subjunctive II – Notes – Übung British William Tell meets the Swiss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwSLUu2guSc (3min) The William Tell Overture live on Letterman 1998 (5 min) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JNYMNa3OLc Creative Quotations from Friedrich von Schiller for Nov 10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9W83GpdLb0 TEXT: Wilhelm Tell (p. 239) annotated below Konjunktiv II (The General Subjunctive or Subjunctive II) The following section gives an overview over the Konjunktiv II forms of weak verbs, strong verbs and mixed verbs. Below are some statements with Konjunktiv II forms. 1. Hätte sich Tell vor dem Hut verneigt , hätte er keine Probleme bekommen . If Tell had bowed before the hat, he wouldn’t have had any problems. Wenn Berlin mehr Geld hätte , könnte es seine drei Opernhäuser behalten . If Berlin had more money it could keep its three opera houses. Gäbe es in China kein Tempolimit auf der Autobahn , müssten die Chinesen für eine“ freie Fahrt“ nicht Urlaub in Deutschland machen. If there were no speed limit on highways in China, the Chinese would have to come on holiday in Germany for a “free ride/fast ride). 2. Der Berliner Senat wünschte sich, er hätte mehr Geld für die Kulturinstitute der Stadt. The Berlin Senate wished it had more money fir the cultural institutions in the city. Jiang wünschte sich, es gäbe auch in China kein Tempolimit . Jiang wished there were no speed limits in China. Könnte Jing Jing in ihrem Beruf Deutschland und China verbinden, wäre sie glücklich. If Jing Jing could combine Germany ans China in her job she would be happy. 3. Könntest du bitte den Fernseher anmachen? – Could you please turn on the TV? Würden Sie bitte den Vertrag unterschreiben? – Would you please sign the contract? Könntest du bitte die Zeitung kaufen? – Could you please buy a newspaper? Use of the Konjunktiv II The Konjunktiv II is a key verb form that shows our attitude towards what we express. The subjunctive is often used to distinguish between what we know to be real and what we consider imaginary. Indeed, the primary function of subjunctives is expressing contrary to fact statements . Forms such as would , should, ought are used on a daily basis to indicate that we are simply engaged in wishful thinking or in making hypothetical statements. In much the same manner, subjunctives are also used when expressing polite requests , e.g., Would you please close the door, etc. 1
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Konjunktiv II has much the same functions in German: 1. It is used to express contrary to fact statements : Hätte sich Tell vor dem Hut verneigt , hätte er keine Probleme bekommen . Wenn Berlin mehr Geld
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K4-5%20Subjunctive%20II-1 - Germ 433 A OBrien Kapitelgruppe...

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