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Germ 433 – A. O’Brien Kapitelgruppe 5 – 3 (pp. 271) Infinitive Phrases – Futur II – Notes – Übungen TEXT: An Voltaire (1777) (p. 273) annotated belowInfo: http://www.visitvoltaire.com/voltaire%27s_later_life_v_and_frederick_prussia.htm Infinitive phrases The passage in this chapter contains a few so called infinitive phrases . Tell hat hatte sich geweigert, den Hut wie eine offizielle Person zu grüßen. Tell had refused to greet the hat like an official person. Es war für Tell etwas Unmenschliches, einen Apfel vom Kopf seines Kindes zu schießen . For Tell it was something inhumain to shot an apple from the head of his child. Tell hatte einen anderen Pfeil genommen, um ihn für Geßler bereit zu halten . Tell had taken another arrow in order to have it ready for Geßler. Friedrich der Große versuchte, Verbrechen zu verhindern , statt sie zu bestrafen . Frederick the Great tried to avoid crimes instead to punish them. Um Voltaire einen deutlicheren Begriff von dem preußischen Volk zu geben , präsentiert Friedrich der Große ihm ein paar Zahlen. In order to give Voltaire a clearer notion/concept of the Prussian people Fredrick the Great pesents him with some numbers. Wegen des Schnees war es den Eltern nicht möglich hinaus zu gehen , um ihren Sohn im Wald zu suchen . Because of the snow it was impossible for the parents to go out in order to search their son. These phrases are constructions, which can be very extensive - they can involve any type of object, adjectival or adverbial construction. The key to infinitive phrases is the infinitive , which appears at the end of German clauses. When infinitives are used with verbs other than modal verbs , you will find that the word zu immediately precedes the infinitive. To refresh your memory about modal verbs you can go back to chapter 3 of 1
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chapter group 3. [Alle Kinder müssen ab dem 6. Lebensjahr die Grundschule besuchen] Furthermore the examples above also indicate that long infinitive phrases are (mostly) separated from the rest of the sentence by commas. Some phrases are introduced by words such as um ( = in order to, here) and ohne. What happens when verbs with separable prefixes are part of the infinitive phrase?
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K5-3%20Inf%20Phrase-Fut%20II%20exerc-1 - Germ 433 A OBrien...

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