KEY 1-3 Structural Knowledge

KEY 1-3 Structural Knowledge - 1 Germ 433 – A O’Brien...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Germ 433 – A. O’Brien Kapitelgruppe 1-3 (pp. 36) KEY Structural Knowledge – Word Categories (p. 37-41) Structural Knowledge – Word Categories –Notes – Übung In this section you will find a summary of the word categories, which have been introduced in K1-3, followed by a review exercises at the end of this section. noun article adjective verb pronoun preposition adverb conjunction Adjectives: An adjective is a word that describes a noun or a pronoun. Die neue Intendantin der Hamburger Oper ist jetzt eine berühmte Dirigentin aus Australien. Sie will die großen Namen der Oper in die Hansestadt holen. Sometimes you'll also find the description in the form "sein (to be) + adjective": Der Startenor Placido Domingo ist weltberühmt. Die neue Intendantin ist kreativ . Adverbs: An adverb describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. It can consist of one word or a word phrase. It indicates manner, degree, time, or place: Q: How (Wie)? — A: Placido Domingo sings well . Q: When (Wann)? — A: The State Opera was founded in 1678 . – 1678 / im Jahr 1678 Q: Where (Wo)? — A: Die australische Dirigentin wird in Zukunft hier wohnen und arbeiten ....
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KEY 1-3 Structural Knowledge - 1 Germ 433 – A O’Brien...

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