KEY K1-1Cognates

KEY K1-1Cognates - cognates” Here are some examples Gift...

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Germ 433 - A. O’Brien Kapitelgruppe 1-1 KEY COGNATES (p. 19) Focusing on cognates, internationalisms and names is a good way to approach a text. When you read a new text look for all possible words or signs you already know. Probably you know the English words for the following terms: Cognates English meaning Test test Text text Butter butter Buch book Lampe lamp Milch milk Land land Park park Computer computer Schule school Auto automobile sing en to sing test en to test park en to park praktizier en to practice Internationalisms Radio radio Vision vision Toilette toilette Nation nation All the above words are considered as true cognates. Proper names of places and people usually also help understanding a foreign text. Names Kanada Canada Amerika America Europa Europe New York New York Schweiz Switzerland Österreich Austria However, there are a few words, which can be misleading in that they are what is referred to “false
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Unformatted text preview: cognates”. Here are some examples. Gift poison Mist dung, droppings, rubbish bekomm en to get Spende donation spend en to donate Bohne bean Aufgabe 7 Amerikanische Prosawerke (p. 23) 1. Die gute Erde (Pearl S. Buck) 2. Vom Winde verweht (Margaret Mitchell) 3. Der Letzte der Mohikaner (James F. Cooper) 4. Moby Dick (Herman Melville) 5. Die Caine war ihr Schicksal (Herman Wouk) 6. Das Narrenschiff (Katherine A. Porter) 7. Die Lederstrumpf Erzählungen (James F. Cooper) 8. Ein Wunderbuch für Jungen und Mädchen (Nathaniel Hawthorne) 9. Diesseits des Paradieses (F.Scott Fitgerald) 10. Die jungen Löwen (Irwin Shaw) 11. Die Neonwüste (Nelson Algren) 12. Geschichten des Großvaters (Samuel H. Adams) 13. Der alte Mann und das Meer (Ernest Hemingway) 14. Die Brücke von San Luis Rey (Thornton Wilder) 15. Exodus (Leon Uris)...
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KEY K1-1Cognates - cognates” Here are some examples Gift...

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