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Station Name No. of workstation Process time of Product A ( in min) Process time of Product B ( in min) Aggregate(total ) process time ( In min) Total process Time( in hrs) Throughput (jobs/hr) X 1 10 20 30 0.5 2 Y 1 10 14 24 0.4 2.5 Z 1 15 11 26 0.433333 2.307692 Bottleneck work station calculation: Throughput = Number of work station/ process time. Bottleneck Rate - Rate (parts/unit time or jobs/unit time) of the process center having the highest long-term utilization
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Unformatted text preview: Work station X have lowest aggregated throughput = 2 jobs/ hr and hence it is highly utilized machine ( It works longer than other stations to meet the demand) So, Station X is the bottleneck work station...
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