Abandon to save their lives

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1. Abandon to save their lives, the sailors had to abandon the sinking ship. 2. Adversely excessive rainfall early in the spring can adversely affect the planting of crops. 3. Aggregate it is impossible to judge last year’s performance without knowing the aggregate sale’s numbers. 4. Cultivation preparing the land to grow the crops, improvement for agriculture purposes With improvement of land cultivation, hunters and gathers were able to settle in one place. 5. Fertilize to supply with nourishment for plants by adding helpful substances to the soil This farm fertilizes tomatoes more than other crops. 6. Irrigation the supplying of water the dry land In the dry area of the country, you can see ditches all over the farmland for irrigation. 7. Obtain to gain possession of , to get After series of the difficult interviews, he was able to obtain the job. 8. Photosynthesis the process by which green plants make their own food by combine water and salts and carbon dioxide in the presence of light. 9.
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