Lumber move about heavily clumsily

Lumber move about heavily clumsily - As you might expect...

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Lumber move about heavily clumsily Clumsily lacking dexterity Dexterity smooth skill Pleasure enjoyment Monstrous huge stupendous Peer look closely to see clearly Intimidate frighten Muffled covered to deaden sound Squashed pressed into a flat mass Deafen overwhelm with noise Conversation a friendly talk Stadium a playing field surrounded by raised banks of seat The only word for it is monstrous. Everything about Taurus, Jack Willman’s GMC monster truck, is oversize. From the roof, in fact, you can almost peer into a second- story window. In fact, you can almost do that just by standing on the tires. They’re almost two meters high!
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Unformatted text preview: As you might expect, Taurus has a monstrous engine, too. It puts out 1000 horsepower at a sound level that would deafen anyone without ear plugs. That’s because there are eight exhaust pipes. None of them are muffled. In the cab, or even within several meters of Taurus, it is impossible to hold a conversation. But then Taurus was not made for pleasure trips or sightseeing. Its Job is to crush old cars and buses. Huge crowds gather to watch Taurus, And other monsters like it lumber into a stadium. There in the field sit cars waiting to be squashed by Taurus. Not only is this one of the mo...
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