ecommerce ebay week 6 paper

ecommerce ebay week 6 paper - E-commerce: E-bay E-commerce:...

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E-commerce: E-bay E-commerce: E-bay Sade Robinson Grantham University Abstract Outline what E-bay does and how they have used the information technology, the Internet, and e- commerce in everyday business transactions.
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E-commerce: E-bay Writing Assignment The business organizations have faced the greatest change in the world as the goods and the services are being offered on the internet. Most of the business organizations tend to transform their web site into a profit center. This happens all because of the success stories of the e-commerce and the internet. An example of such companies is the Amazon, E-bay and Dell. But here I will limit my discussion to the success story of E-bay. E-bay was formed by Pierre Omidyar in September 1995. Today e-bay is the world’s largest online website that connects millions of people from all over the world every day. According to the study conducted by the the domain name E-bay attracts 902 million visitors annually by 2008. With the inclusion of 39 markets and the availability of 84 million users worldwide e-bay has changed the scenario of the internet commerce. In the year 2007 the total value of items that were sold through the E-bay trading platform was
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ecommerce ebay week 6 paper - E-commerce: E-bay E-commerce:...

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