chap 3. Real world case

chap 3. Real world case - shares issued & outstanding...

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Saikat Mitra Chap. 3 Real World Case 3-7/ 1. Asset Classifications are: Current Assets Property and Equipment Property under capital lease Goodwill Other Assets and deferred charges 2. a. Total Assets- $ 163,429 b. Current Assets- $48,949 c. Current Liabilities- $55,390 d. Total shareholder’s equity- $65,285 e. Retained Earnings- $63,660 f. Inventories- $34,511 3. Par value of common stock is $ 0.10; no. of shares authorized 11,000, no. of
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Unformatted text preview: shares issued & outstanding in 2009 is 3,925. 4. Wal-Mart’s current ratio is: Current Assets ÷ Current Liabilities = $48,949 ÷ $55,390 = 0.88 5. a. LIFO method b. Straight Line method c. Cash equivalents: Investments with a maturity of three months or less when purchased...
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