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ʙ䐾 习总结 ʙ I. Definition of marketing A. Marketing is the delivery of consumers value and satisfaction at a profit, which is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need tho exchange creating and exchanging products and value with others. Exchange*:way to obtain service or goods Marketing occurs when ppl want to satisfy needs and wants thur exchange . Conditions that must be satisfied for an exchange to take place are: I. must 2 parties II. must have sth to offer III. must be willing to deal and free to decide IV. each must be able to communicate and deliver Transactions: the basic unit of exchange, a trade value of 2 parties Relationship:building long-term relationship V. Different types of orientation A.Production concept : low cost=low price to satisfied consumers preference in an efficient way ௿੒ຊ ٬ B.Product concept :high quality, high product performance. ߴ ٬ C.Selling concept :Massive&Aggressive selling and promotion efforts. ఺ੋ sales ɼੜ factory ɼߧྔతੋ sales volume ࿨㟬 profit D.Marketing concept : More efficiently than your competitors to serve and satisfied consumers need and wants. ఺ੋ market ɼߧྔత ।ੋ consumer satisfaction E.Societal Marketing concept: marketing concept 㜎ࣅୠߟ society’s well being and public interest. Section B short answer question* Week 1~
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A. Corporate Strategies level B. SBU1,SBU2,SBU3. ... C. 针对 ๭࿽ SBU----Marketing,RND,Production and administration, Human resource strategies. VII. Marketing Plan-Develop Strategies A. Select target market and segment B. Develop market mix strategy Section Description Current marketing situation background data on the market and product, competition, distribution and marco environment SWOT and issue analysis Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. Objectives financial and marketing goals Marketing Strategy Present board MS that will be used to achieve plan’s objective Action program Present special marketing program to achieve plan’s objective Projected profits Forecast plan’s expected financial outcomes controls Indicates how the plans will monitered VIII.Types of research A. Exploratory: ᏅूҰखత ྉ㢦ॿਓ ፙग़ 问题 Ҏٴࢧ ࣋၊ ʢ consumer interview; focus group,case study, projective techniques, Ethnography ʣ B. Descriptive ɿߋ਺ਾԽ 统计 㜎తᏅूɼ༗ 针对 తఆ C. Casual ɿ 为测试 Ұ࿽ಛఆత 问题 ҃ऀ䎔ܥࣕ၏త IX. Factors affecting consumer behavior A. personal ɼ೥ ੑ䫲 职业 ڭҭ B. psychological, ਫ਼ਆ্తɼ ྗɼֶ ɼੑ֨ɼೳྗ C. Social,reference group, household type D. Buyer’s response, Ո 选择 ɼ ඼෰ ṛࢠɼ 购买时间 Week 2~ week 3~~ Marketing Info System(MIS): ppl, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, analysis, evaluate and distribute needed, timely and accurate informations to making decision. week 4~
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Mark1012 SUMMARYpdf - Week 1~ Section B short answer...

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