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Essay 2 lesson 4 - Dear Diary During the 19th century it...

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Dear Diary During the 19 th century it was a very remarkable time in the United States of America; the country had just gained its freedom and was rapidly evolving into a nation. As the new country began to develop, the eastern portion of the Unite States was hastily increasing its population. The more immigrants that flooded to the eastern part of the United States, the more that began to leave and head west. As the eastern United States became more and more occupied with people, the jobs and land became harder to come by. The United States of America was known as the land of opportunity and many looked westward to find these new opportunities. There are numerous versions of the westward development in the 19th century. These different interpretations can all differ depending on what information is used. Most accounts came from journals, diaries, and letters which are very valuable for the historical interpretations as they offered a personal account of the events. To understand this period, you have to take into account the concerns, attitudes, prejudices of their everyday lives. In 1851, Robert Robe kept a journal throughout his westward journey to Oregon.
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Essay 2 lesson 4 - Dear Diary During the 19th century it...

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