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OM 301 Fall 2011 - Homework #2 Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A customer service manager at a retail clothing store has collected numerous customer complaints from the forms they fill out on merchandise returns. To analyze trends or patterns in these returns, she has organized these complaints into a small number of sources or factors. This is most closely related to the __________ tool of TQM. A) process control chart B) cause and effect diagram C) scatter diagram D) histogram E) Taguchi loss function 1) 2) A fishbone diagram is also known as a A) Kanban diagram B) cause - and - effect diagram C) poka - yoke diagram D) Kaizen diagram E) Taguchi diagram 2) 3) The role of decision trees in product design is A) to better understand the customers ʹ wants B) to calculate the value of the moment of truth C) to calculate the expected value of each course of action D) to calculate the value of quality function deployment E) to rank products in descending order of their dollar contribution to the firm 3) 4) Pareto charts are used to A) organize errors, problems, or defects B) show material flow C) outline production schedules D) identify inspection points in a process E) all of the above 4) 5) Modern ATM machines are an automated example of a service design that A) has no moment of truth B) modularizes the service C) reduces customer interaction D) delays service customization E) has insufficient quality function deployment 5) 6) Value Stream Mapping A) starts with the customer and works backwards B) is a variation on time function mapping C) examines the supply chain to determine where value is added D) extends time function mapping back to the supplier E) All of the above are true. 6) 1
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7) Frito - Lay is to __________ focus as Harley Davidson is to __________ focus. A) repetitive, product B) process, product C) product, repetitive D) pocess, repetitive E) product, mass customization 7) 8) Harley Davidson A) uses product focused manufacturing B) uses a large number of modules to build a small number of different bikes C) uses work cells to feed its assembly line D) utilizes job shops to make each of its modules E) All of the above are true. 8) 9) The use of information technology to monitor and control a physical process is known as A) information numeric control B) computer - aided design C) process control D) numeric control E) none of the above 9) 10) ʺ Poka - yoke ʺ is the Japanese term for A) foolproof B) just - in - time production C) fishbone diagram D) continuous improvement E) card 10) 11) Which of the following is not a typical inspection point? A) during the production process
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OM301Fall2011Homework2wAnswers - OM301Fall2011 Homework#2...

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