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Teamwork 1   Eva Carter 12/9/2011 5:29:39 AM I am a Visual/Spatial Learner My result after the learning style inventory! Look at the numbers – more A’s mean Visual more B’s means Auditory more C’s means Kinesthetic I am a Visual/Spatial Learner and Proud of It Individuals with this learning style will enlighten others. The eight multiple intelligences theory was introduce by a Harvard University professor his name 1983.He has written a book that outlines the intelligences and we all are possessed by these learning style. Some individuals has more than one style and don’t know it. Each style is so special in its own way. The first seven of eight are visual/spatial, more a hands on learner concentrate on maps, photos ,illustrations and taking note to present information using vocabulary. Second one is Verbal/linguistic (word smart). Communicates through language, like to
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Unformatted text preview: write, spell, story teller and love to read. Third is Musical/rhythm (music smart), responds to music immediately, and performs music. Fourth is Logic/math (number smart) enjoys math, problem solver and science. Fifth Body/kinesthetic (body smart) Learn through body, moves around a lot enjoy involving the hands. Six is Interpersonal (people smart).Loves to communicate with others, leadership skills, and has lot of friends; Seven Intrapersonal (self-smart). Reflective, aware of own feelings, do not get involve in group activities. Sometime later (not exactly know) the eight one is Naturalistic (environment smart). Interest in nature, hiking, camping, and fishing. Katie yes, Dawn post is four thumbs up! Thanks you and Dawn...
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