Daryl is abusing his power

Daryl is abusing his power - me with difficult work Example...

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Daryl is abusing his power and needs to be reported to his boss and if that boss don’t resolve the situation in a timely manner, then my next step is that boss over that boss or the human resource manager. The best thing I would do is file complaint with Mississippi Employment Security Commission, the first thing they will ask have you tried to talk to your boss about the situation and how long has it been since I talk with the boss, have a meeting been schedule and what were the outcome. I know some people do not force the ethics in workplace but they are usually in the personal area of the business (Wal-Mart) on a board. I would tell Daryl when I am free and have my work done or he will help me with my work. He don’t know how to type, but may know how to help
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Unformatted text preview: me with difficult work. Example such as his weakness is typing and my weakness math, but not just do his work and mine both while I get behind in my work and he just wasting time on the blackberry with his legs kicked up on the desk. The interns can read the ethics because if they keep that up pleasing Daryl and not doing their job they will be out the door, because someone is going to notice work not completed .Daryl may get away with wrong but I may not be so successful in doing it. I will stand up for myself and report it, that is added stress .I love my job but I hate it now because of that Daryl. I would find me another job immediately after the situation should have been investigated but not....
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