WWII Before Pearl Habor

WWII Before Pearl Habor - history

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Running head: WWII (before Pearl Harbor) 1 Why did the US get involved in WWII (before Pearl Harbor)
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2 United States and WWII before Pearl Harbor Why did the United States get involved in World War II prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor? There are several reasons for this and all of them could be looked at as damaging to the United States in more ways than one. Throughout this examination of World War II, most individuals look at Pearl Harbor as the starting point for World War II; however, involvement from the United States was looming throughout the war prior to the attack on the United States naval base on a quiet morning of December 07, 1941 right off the Pacific. Throughout the duration of this paper, Hitler’s Germany, Allied Powers, and the Japanese all had a ton to do with the United States entering the World War II landscape. Germany’s Influence By the beginning stages of World War II, Nazi Germany were not too thrilled with American supply ships providing aid and assistance via workers and supplies to Allied troops during the war. The Allied troops consisted of Russia, England, China, and France and they were key allies of the United States at that point in time during the war, in which Nazi Germany at the time objected to (Mintz, 2007). In response to American involvement in the war, American supply ships were being sunk in the process by German U-Boats due to Germany’s anger over the United States supplying the Allied Forces (Ebeling, 2011). The United States were a threat to Hitler’s Germany in that Hitler was trying to occupy the entire globe and the United States were not willing to let that happen. Then again, Germany was not the only country angered over the
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WWII Before Pearl Habor - history

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