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Chapter 1 Scientific Thinking

Chapter 1 Scientific Thinking - Chapter 1 Scientific...

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Chapter 1 Scientific Thinking 1.1 What is science? What is biology? - Science : An intellectual activity, encompassing observation, description, experimentation, and explanation of natural phenomena - Pathway by which we can come to discover and better understand the world around us -“ How do you know that is true? -Question the truth - Scientific thinking is an important and productive element in the study of a wide variety of topics - Biology : The study of living things Most important questions in biology: - What is the chemical and physical basis for life and its maintenance? - How do organisms use genetic information to build themselves and to reproduce? - What are the diverse forms that life on earth takes and how has that diversity arisen? -How do organisms interact with each other and with their environment? -Scientific thinking can be applies to nearly every endeavor - Scientific Literacy : A general, fact based understanding of the basics of biology and other sciences is increasingly important in our lives, and literacy in matters of biology is especially essential *Science is a pathway by which we can discover and better understand the world around us 1.2 Biological literacy is essential in the modern world - Scientific literacy has become a necessity - Biological Literacy : The ability to (1) use the process of scientific inquiry to think creatively about real world issues that have a biological component, (2) communicate these thoughts to others, and (3) integrate these ideas into your decision making - Lack of biological literacy will put you at mercy - Scientific thinking helps make wise decisions *Biological issues permeate all aspects of our lives. To make wise decisions, it is essential for individuals and societies to attain biological literacy
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1.3 The scientific method is a powerful approach to understanding the world - Humans mistakenly associate actions with outcomes in an attempt to understand and control their world - Superstition : The irrational belief that actions that are not logically related to a course of events can influence its outcome - If the absence of scientific thinking, individuals can develop incorrect ideas -Humans developed a variety of ways of understanding their world - Narratives exist to help people understand - Superstitions are no substitute for understanding the world - Scientific Method : Process of examination and discovery
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Chapter 1 Scientific Thinking - Chapter 1 Scientific...

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