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Vanessa Reapor Biology 111, Section 23 May 15, 2009 Lab 6 Detection of an Alu Polymorphism 1. Indicate the genotype of each lane in the gel below. Also indicate which bands have the Alu-pv92 insert. For each sample (lane), list the possible genotypes for this person’s parents. 1. Both mutant and not 2. Mutant 3. Non-mutant, Contains Alu-pv92 inserts 4. Mutant 5. Unknown 6. Sample 7. Unknown 8. Mutant
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is a primer, and how is a primer used in PCR? Primers are required for DNA synthesis and they determine the beginning and end of a specific segment DNA to be amplified. 8. What are the three steps in a PCR cycle, and what do each do? Step 1: Denaturation, DNA strand melts into one. Step 2: Annealing, Primers bind to a single strand. Step 3: Extension, Stands elongate...
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