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Ch. 22 1.) Railroads (433) 2.) Railroad monopolies over charged fix prices, solved by Interstate Commerce Commission 1887 - “Trusts,” giant corps. That controlled entire industries in oil, steel, and tobacco; solved by Sherman Antitrust Act in 1890 to break up big “trusts” (434) 3.) Railroads were 1 st big business to experiment with PR and Press Agencies. - 1 st agency: Publicity Bureau, Boston 1900 (434) 4.) Ivy Lee 5.) Edward Bernays (435) 6.) White Men (436) 7.) industrialization contributed to a major shift in perceptions about appropriate role of women in the workplace (436) 8.) 1 st : Because of its budget, the committee was able to saturate the media with a flood of official info. 2 nd : segmentation; committee subdivided general groups (women, immigrant groups) and targeted them through different media (mags or foreign lang. press) 3 rd : the CPI based its work largely on “facts” rather than shrill emotional appeal. (438) 9.) He used psychology in PR to promote cigs. Message: “In the interests of equality of the
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