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1. Advertising had an indirect and on the business offices of the newspapers. They could basically control what content that would go into the paper. (208-209) 2. I couldn’t find this answer anywhere in the book. 3. The major New York editors in the post-Civil War era were E.L. Godkin, who was the editor for the Nation and later the Evening Post, Charles Dana, who was the editor for the New York Sun, and James Gordon Bennett, who was the editor for the New York Herald. (202) 4. Personal Style of journalism were stories that reached out to people on a personal level like stories of human interest about events with little significance but considerable emotional impact. Some major practitioners of this style were Charles Dana and E.L. Godkin. Charles Dana is credited with coming up with the man biting the dog quote, and he is also credited with creating the “personal style.”(201) 5. The Wild Animal Hoax was an article that was printed in the New York Herald. The story listed reports of animals that had escaped from the zoo and were roaming the streets. (203)
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