Chapter 18 - eliminate News Services, limit news roadcasts,...

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Chapter 18- Test Review 1) Classical music- as well as other genres of music- presidential debates- radio shows such as ‘Orphan Annie’ ‘The Lone Ranger’- had advertisements as well- (366) 2) How powerful radio broadcasts are- (360) 3) Made it seem more personable- wanted to express. Brought humanness to broadcasting(367) 4) Reporting from London- “This is London” 5) Edward R. Murrow’s popularity 6) Conflict created by business rivalry- Biltmore agreement- CBS and NBC
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Unformatted text preview: eliminate News Services, limit news roadcasts, papers publish radio schedules (368) 7) Stations interfering with each other and with broadcasts- new version of 1927 8) More regulations for radio with 1927 and 34 acts 9) Edward R. Murrow Lowell Thomas Walter Winchell (368) 10) outcome of depression and WW2 11) Phio Farnsworth (371)...
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