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(CONTINUED) Math 1ZB3 Sample Exam Name :___________________________________________ (Last Name) (First Name) Student Number: Tutorial Number: _____________________ ____________________ Day Class Duration Instructors: : 3 Hours Childs, Mares, Protas Maximum Mark : 42 McMaster University Final Examination This examination paper consists of 11 pages (including this one). This exam consists of 42 multiple choice questions worth 1 mark each (no part marks). The questions must be answered on the COMPUTER CARD with an HB PENCIL. Marks will not be deducted for wrong answers (i.e., there is no penalty for guessing). You are responsible for ensuring that your copy of the test is complete. Bring any discrepancy to the attention of the invigilator. Calculators are NOT allowed. Computer Card Instructions: NOTE: IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT THE ANSWER SHEET IS PROPERLY COMPLETED: YOUR EXAMINATION RESULT DEPENDS UPON PROPER ATTENTION TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS The scanner, which reads the sheets, senses the shaded areas by their non-reflection of light. A heavy mark must be made, completely filling the circular bubble, with an HB pencil. Marks made with a pen or felt-tip marker will NOT be sensed. Erasures must be thorough or the scanner may still sense a mark. Do use correction fluid on the sheets. Do put any NOT NOT unnecessary marks or writing on the sheet. 1. Print your name, student number, course name, and the date in the space provided at the top of Side 1 (red side) of the form. Then the sheet be signed in the space MUST marked SIGNATURE. 2. Mark your student number in the space provided on the sheet on Side 1 and fill in the corresponding bubbles underneath . 3. Mark only choice from the alternatives (A,B,C,D,E) provided for each ONE question. If there is a True/False question, enter response of 1 (or A) as True, and 2 (or B) as False. The question number is to the left of the bubbles. Make sure that the number of the question on the scan sheet is the same as the question number on the test paper. 4. Pay particular attention to the Marking Directions on the form. 5. Begin answering questions using the first set of bubbles, marked "1".
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Math 1ZB3 Sample Exam 2 (CONTINUED) 1. Which of the following integrals represents the area of the region enclosed by one loop of the curve ? % sin ) (a) (b) (c) (d )  !! ! ! Î# Î) Î% Î# "" " " ## # # ## # 11 1 1 sin sin sin sin %. )) (e ) !
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sampleexam - Math 1ZB3 Sample Exam Name(Last Name(First...

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