CHE 375 F11 HW 3

CHE 375 F11 HW 3 - passing. How does this work? (3) 3....

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CHE 375 Fall 11 Homework 3 Name: 1. In the presence of small nonpolar molecules, such as methane, rare gases, and hydrogen, the structure of ice may be modified to form cages that enclose these entities. These materials are referred to as clathrate hydrates. a) Draw schematically (showing only the positions of the oxygen atoms) the structures of two possible clathrate cages. (2) b) What is the nature of the interactions between the clathrate cages and the enclosed molecules? (1) 2. Aquaporins are membrane proteins that allow water molecules to pass through membranes, but prevent ions, in particular small cations including hydronium ions, from
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Unformatted text preview: passing. How does this work? (3) 3. Which compounds do the alkali metals lithium and sodium form when they burn in air? Draw the Lewis structures of the respective anions. (2) 4. Draw the structures of the the cryptands [2.1.1] and [2.2.2]. Which one of these is likely to have the larger binding constant for the coordination of potassium ions. Why? (2) 5. Bonus question. An aquaporin protein consists of approximately 200 amino acids. Find or deduce the formula that lets you calculate the number of possible combinations of 20 amino acids in a chain of 200 amino acids. What is that number? (1)...
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CHE 375 F11 HW 3 - passing. How does this work? (3) 3....

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