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CHE 375 F11 HW 6 - effective nuclear charge for the valence...

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CHE 375 Fall 11 Homework 6 Name: 1. We have used very simplistic arguments (involving perfect shielding) to understand effective nuclear charge. A more realistic, yet still simple method for estimating effective nuclear charges is provided by the Slater rules. a) Write down the Slater rules on the back of this page. (You may find these in your textbook.) b) Collectively we want to establish a table of the effective nuclear charges acting on the outermost electrons of all main group elements. Your contribution is to calculate the
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Unformatted text preview: effective nuclear charge for the valence electrons of the elements of a particular group (periods 2-6, that is, you calculate 5 values). Your group depends on the first letters of your last name. a-ca: group 1 ch-f: group 2 g-hr: group 13 hu-ka: group 14 ki-le: group 15 li-m: group 16 o-s: group 17 t-z: group 18 Note, the procedure involves the calculation of the shielding constant S. This number must be subtracted from the actual nuclear charge Z to give the effective nuclear charge Z*. Z* = Z-S 1 1.7...
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