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Unformatted text preview: Agrippa - Comrade-in-arms, friend, and adviser to Octavian. His generalship assured Octavian's victories, helped in the urban infrastructure of Rome, and assured the success of the Rhine campaigns. Died before he could become Emperor. Augustus - 'Bringer of Increase'; an epithet of the gods given to Octavian by the Senate in the 20s BCE. Tiberius - Ruled 14-38 BCE. Strong general under Augustus, passed over as heir several times. Disliked by Senate for detached, reclusive, at times vicious behavior. Marcomanni - Germanic tribe in the Rhine area, active from the first century CE. Varrus - Roman legate sent to quiet the Marcomanni in 7 CE. Was defeated in Teutoburgian forest in what became a massacre. Sejanus - Companion to Tiberius, he engineered excessive treason trials and nepotism in Rome while the Emperor was living on Capri. May have conspired against Emperor. Tiberius had him while the Emperor was living on Capri....
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