Another part of the evolution in Rome

Another part of the evolution in Rome - Another part of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Another part of the evolution in Rome, especially beginning in Claudius' time (40s CE), involved the tribal elements from Gaul and other eastern areas. Sometimes with imperial support, they were allowed to run for positions of middling elite power, and over generations, they too—be it from Gaul, along the Rhine, or the Greek parts—could ascend to senatorial rank. Of course, certain emperor's use of freedmen in administration also aided this process. Also in ethnic terms, the end of the era described in this SparkNote, under Marcus Aurelias in particular, brings Rome face to face with what would become its most enduring, insurmountable challenge: the German Barbarians. From the time of Augustus, Rome had seen the German tribes as a military threat, source of labor, and a reservoir of auxiliary military forces. Some elements of Germanic society were, by the end of the second century, entering the Roman world, learning...
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